Well, I did enjoy this but it was incredibly illogical and once the mystery was revealed my attention did wander a little bit and it went downhill. I loved the leading lady though she was great and the whole thing was very well made and looked and sounded lovely.

Overall though (ignoring the stupidity of the later half of the story) for me it was like his last one, ‘Get Out’ in that it felt like an extended episode of the Twilight Zone and I guessed the ‘surprise’ ending way before we got there.

Worth a one off watch though if you ignore the massive lapses in logic but not something that merits repeat viewing.



beyond whitespace.jpg

Wow! That was a helluva lot better than I expected. Basically Moby Dick in space with a (slight) Firefly bent to it but with clichéd characters, a bit of a silly story with some logic gaps and…ah, who gives a shit what was wrong with it – I bloody loved it.

Others might hate it but I found myself mesmerised by the whole thing. It really was rather lovely to look at and the end scene with that beautiful song was worth the entrance fee alone.

I hugely recommend this but don’t blame me if you don’t like it.


sick o.jpg

Easily one of the more strange anthologies I’ve seen. Very low budget, dodgy acting, decent Death Metal soundtrack though. Bizarre stories about a blow up doll coming to life and….well, I’d rather not say: the images will haunt me anyway without reliving it. A nun (I think) with a bag that eats people and a story about a guy who loves smelling and touching gross things with one of the strangest child births (propellings?) ever (yuk)

All around quite cheap and nasty HOWEVER, mini cameos from

Lucio Fulci
Joe D’Amato
Luigi Cozzi
Linnea Quigley
David Warbeck

made the whole thing worth it.

Don’t really know anyone I could recommend this to but if it sounds like your type of thing then you’ll probably dig it.



Hell yeah. Pam Grier and Fred Williamson in the same film, not to mention Carl Weathers.

Typical film for the genre (aside from the ace cast) with a little bit more interesting story which even had a twist in it.

Plenty of jive talking, cool walking, fist fighting, shooting and rooting in Bucktown.


iron sky 2.jpg

Completely stupid (as expected really)

But it did have a hollow Earth, the Holy Grail, Aliens, Nazis, dinosaurs, Nazis riding dinosaurs, the Pope and Saddam Hussain riding a chariot pulled by a dinosaur, a Moon base, a religion based on Apple and the lovely Udo Kier as the Moon Fuhrer.

I can’t exactly say I liked it because it was incredibly silly with a billion ideas and nowhere enough time to really develop any of them.

But as a bad film, it was a hoot.