I guess you could say this was another Robocopy (the pun wore thin first time I used it but am sticking with it) although it kinda reminded me more of the Six Million Dollar Man with shades of one of my favourite books of all time, ‘Healer’ by F. Paul Wilson.

I thought the only-just-round-the-corner future world it was set in was totally believable and the three main characters were all played very well and believable too and I did have a bit of a thing for the detective, she was rather foxy.

The story wasn’t really new but it was told well with the odd twist of its own and the action scenes (not many but enough) were cool and actually felt fresh – you could harken some moves/angles back to The Matrix or maybe something else in between sure but who cares, this felt new.

One final thing I loved was that all the ancillary cast felt ever so slightly odd or off kilter or something.

Overall a Jolly enjoyable and tense futuristic thriller with the odd bout of rather graphic violence.




I understand why people compare this to, ‘The Raid,’ and it’s purely because it’s a film that just starts, has a little bit of a set up and then is non stop action until it finishes.

Complaining (like a lot of reviews) about the story or acting or character’s development, et al in a film like this is like [insert your own metaphor here.]

One doesn’t watch a slasher film for the story line or OSCAR worthy acting and the same applies to an action film like this.

Apart from the annoying shaky camera now and again in some of the fights that made it hard to discern what was going on (one does get used to it though and it gets less after a while anyway) this was absolutely bloody marvellous.  A full on action-fest with insane levels of violence and carnage and absolutely amazing fight choreography in some of the set pieces; especially the biggy towards the end, that one was a beauty.)

Well worth 2 hours of an action movie fan’s time.



chinese zodiac.jpg

Also known as Armour of God 3.

It’s hard to say bad things about a Jackie Chan film because even some of his worst have those typical ‘Jackie Chan’ moments and you remember that’s why you love him/his films.

So this one, it had a good few of those moments: Some nice, silly slapstick moments, a couple of good fight scenes, the usual crazy stunts and all round athletic ability from him.

However, the story was bonkers. One minute they were in France doing stuff and the next they were in Amsterdam with no real explanation of why or how and then all of a sudden they are in the jungle and pirates are involved and…I just couldn’t keep up with why they were where and what the hell was going on because they never seemed to explain any of it:  It just jumped from set piece to set piece.

As a Jackie Chan fan I enjoyed it for all those bits we’ve come to expect from him but as a film it was just stupid.

On the plus side though, I’m now slightly enamoured with the lass kicking ass in it, Zoey Zhang, and will be checking out her other films (only 5 of them.)

Best part of the film was the end credits as there weren’t just out-takes from this one but some from others and then a montage for about 5 minutes of some of his most famous/awesome stunts from his entire career.

Recommended to fans of JC only.



End of Eternity.jpg

Mind bending Russian sci-fi based on an Isaac Asimov story and what a corker it was too.

It was just as much about social engineering as it was time travel.

I love how un-glitzy everything was and even though we knew there was such MASSIVE computing power going on, everything was all rather low key. The sets had a much more mechanical or engineering feel about them rather than clean and shiny computer science but still gave the impression of being HUGE.

Main guy was good at getting things across by mood/actions rather than speaking as he was meant to be a very quiet person and the main woman was a good mixture of pretty and mysterious which is exactly what she was supposed to be.

One of my favourite things is that I never trusted any of the buggers all the way through, not one single character. They all felt like they were up to something.

Great atmosphere, great story telling, basically another excellent piece of Russian Sci-Fi.






How the hell have I never know of the existence of this before??!!?

Awesome animation, some incredible sets, Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller and all the monsters, Dracula, The Werewolf, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Creature, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Mummy, King Kong, The Invisible Man, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Igor with a Peter Lorre voice.

Tim Burton mixed with Hotel Transylvania and all done in 1967 with a most excellent surf guitar type soundtrack.

This would be an ace film to watch with the kids, if you have any or on your own if not, on Halloween.




Another Robocopy (geddit?)

Somehow, when a film starts with a guy blatantly reading Fangoria magazine and Tom Savini is in it I guess you know what you’re going to get.

I’ve seen worse 90s schlockfests and I’ve seen better. but at least she was engaging and very saucy on one’s eyes, especially in that outfit. And I didn’t get too bored during the quieter moments either.

Beyond The Limits

beyond the limits
Have seen one of this guy’s (Olaf Ittenbach) films before called Premutos – Der gefallene Engel  and it was an incredibly cheap and dodgily acted splatter fest full of so much cheese you could make a cheese shop out of it. So I expected more of the same from this and I got what I expected but more.

It’s relatively well shot (except for spinning the camera round people all the time, what’s with that?) and the acting is maybe half good and of course the gore factor is way through the roof again.

The film has two stories (connected) and the first felt a lot like a Tarantino jobbie (no way it wasn’t influenced by) and the second had a, ‘Mark of the Devil’ feel about it and the fact that they used the same castle as that film is testament to that.

It was still a bit cheesy with dodgy acting here and there but he’s improved over the years and this one actually kept my attention all the way through and not just because of the masses and masses of OTT gore.

Highly recommended if you like your films gory with a dose of cheese on the side.