Really enjoyed these three. Started off as a typical slasher movie and did essentially stay like that until part when it suddenly went to a whole other place.

Part one was the better of the first two with almost no Chop Splat moments.

Part two was still good but typical 70s Slasher with much more annoying teenagers but still quite low on Chop Splat.

Part three though was such a surprise, the way they turned the entire story on it’s head and revelation after revelation throughout the film. Was a brilliant way to end it all.

All three were fun, gory, mostly well acted, decent soundtracks, looked very colourful and all with a more than decent story for a mere Slasher.  

Totally recommended for any Slasher or horror fan in general BUT don’t judge it by just the first one and make sure you watch all three else you’ll probably be underwhelmed 

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